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The Leader of Those Who Prostrate

The Leader of Those Who Prostrate

One of the titles attributed to Ali ibn Hussain ع is سيد الساجدين (Sayed as-Sajideen) which translates to 'The Leader of those who Prostrate.'  Although all the Imams of the Ahlulbayt ع exemplified the worship of the Almighty, Imam al-Sajjad's worship was unique.  This piece celebrates this title of the Imam by illustrating a depiction of him in prostration with lines of poetry within by the renowned poet Al-Farazdaq.  He recited this poem in the city of Makkah in praise of Imam Sajjad which is without a doubt his most famous piece of poetry.  

هَذا الّذي تَعرِفُ البَطْحاءُ وَطْأتَهُ
This is the one whose greatness the valley (of Mecca) recognizes

هَذَا الذي‌ أحْمَدُ المُخْتَارُ وَالِدُهُ
He is the one whose father is Ahmed, the Chosen one


 صَلَّي‌ عَلَیهِ إلَهِي‌ مَا جَرَي‌ القَلَمُ
God has sent His Blessing upon him since the Pen (of creation) began moving

هَذَا عليٌ رَسُولُ اللَهِ وَالِدُهُ
This is Ali, the Messenger of God is his father

أَمْسَتْ بِنُورِ هُدَاهُ تَهْتَدِي‌ الاُمَمُ
It is through the light of his guidance that nations have been guided

هذا ابنُ خَيرِ عِبادِ الله كُلّهِمُ
This is the son of the best of God’s servants

هذا التّقيّ النّقيّ الطّاهِرُ العَلَمُ
This is the pure pious man, the pure eminent man

هَذَا ابْنُ سَيِّدَةِ النِّسْوَانِ فَاطِمَةٍ
He is the son of Fatima, the Mistress of the Women of Paradise

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