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Birth of Ali in the Kaaba
  • Birth of Ali in the Kaaba

    A piece in honor of the Commander of the Faithful, Ali ibn Abi Talib ع.  The piece features 6 Quranic verses composed into a shape of the Kaaba symbolizing the birth of Ali within its sacred walls.  The following 6 verses are in reverence about Ali ibn Abi Talib ع.



    Is someone who is faithful like someone who is a transgressor? They are not equal.

    Surah Sajdah | Verse 18


    Your guardian is only Allah, His Apostle, and the faithful who maintain the prayer and give the zakāt while bowing down.

    Surah Maidah | Verse 55


    Among the faithful are men who fulfill what they have pledged to Allah. Of them are some who have fulfilled their pledge, and of them are some who still wait, and they have not changed in the least.

    Surah Ahzab | Verse 23


    And among those We created is a community which guides by truth and thereby establishes justice.
    Surah A'raf | Verse 181


    What is it about which they question each other?!

    Surah Naba | Verse 1 


    Is it about the great tiding? 

    Surah Naba | Verse 2

    • Framed Poster

      Prints are created with museum-quality giclée matte paper with a polished look.  The prints are enclosed with alder, semi-hardwood frame.  Hanging hardware included.

      Sizes Available

      12" x 16" (30 x 40 cm)
      18" x 24" (45 x 60 cm)
      24" x 36" (60 x 91 cm)

    • Canvas

      Canvases are fade-resistant printed acid-free using cotton as a base.  The product comes with mounting brackets already installed, centered on the frame.  The depth of each canvas is 1.5" (4 cm) deep.

      Sizes Available 
      16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm) 
      18" x 24" (45 x 60 cm)
      24" x 36" (60 x 91 cm)


    • Shipping

      Standard shipping available worldwide from 3-12 business days depending on destination.  Track and trace available upon product shipment.  

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