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Mosul Housing Competition

In 2017 I participated in Tamayouz’s first annual Rifat Chadirji Prize, a competition named after one of Iraq’s greatest architects.  The international prize focuses on proposing designs responding to local challenges in Iraq.  Architects around the world are invited to submit their ideas and establish solutions tackling social issues in Iraq through design.


The first competition’s theme focused on rebuilding the city of Mosul’s residential capacity after its liberation. It’s estimated that nearly 900,000 people would return to the city and find it in desolation. The prompt of the competition challenged designers to create a solution that was easily buildable with readily available materials and in high volume.  Out of 380+ submissions worldwide, my work short-listed for the top prize. My design prioritized the creation of a healing space centered around the people. The architecture encouraged interaction between its inhabitants in order to promote a sociopetal environment for a successful community and re-adjustment into society in Mosul. I was invited to the award ceremony in December of that year to Amman, Jordan and received my award from the British Ambassador to Jordan.


Tamayouz Award



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